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Pro Veritas - Prologue 1 - TrinitytourneyOCT Aud
The clock was ticking away aimlessly up on the gray wall, which it was mounted on. The room was a peculiar touch; dullness and monochrome must have been the theme the designer decided upon. Only the wall directly behind the desk was open to the outside world, but the light only slightly penetrated the room as it was nearly shut off with shades equally dull and gray like the walls. Silence echoed through the room as the man calmly scribbled down unknown letters on to the sheets of paper. His eyes were weary yet deep as if just by gazing on a target would make the victim fall endlessly into the voids of his pupils. Sometimes his complexion dimmed for just a moment when he paused writing, but returned to its original color soon after. His right hand reached for the cabinet on the right side, pulling out three manila folders. He quickly glanced at the three, before setting them on a neat pile on the table.
As the clock struck 5, a quiet but firm knock was heard outside the door.
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From: :iconcrazyshiro:
1) please re-post the rules and questions!
2) answer at least 5 of the questions!
3) tag as many people as you know, there is no limit! (just tag someone QwQ)

Questions for the artist:
1) why do you draw/paint?
2) what do you draw/paint, and why?
3) how long have you been creating art, and what sparked your passion?
4) what forms of art block do you usually get?
5) what causes your art block? how do you try to break the block?
6) what/how do you wish you could draw/paint, other than what you draw/paint now?
7) who are the artists that inspire you, and why?
8) do you like drawing for others, or just yourself? or both?
9) do you like the artistic style that you have created? why or why not?
10) small challenge! post a "then and now" picture! an artwork that you created in the beginning of your artistic journey compared to how you draw now!

Now, I don't classify my self as a "true" artist, since most of my uploads will be writing pieces... so let me change the context of the questions to further include my (and possibly yours, if any of the writers are reading this) boundaries. I might include my experience as an artist, but they will be smaller compared to my experience as a writer.

1. Why do you draw/paint/write?

I normally tend to create art and writing pieces just because I am bored and I want to have fun with my creations. The world is sometimes a harsh place, and what better way is there to lash out my frustration towards the world then to create bunch of characters and sceneries that I could enjoy? Besides, living in Asia generally means that my english skills are going to degenerate pretty quickly, so I need to keep on writing in hopes of maintaining that trait.

2. What do you draw/pain/write, and why?

Currently a particular OCT, namely :icontrinitytourneyoct: and the things happening around Element city, the home for all of my creations. OCTs are always fun to compete in since they always have interesting plots to base my story upon and ultimately improve upon my story-building skills.

3. How long have you been creating art, and what sparked your passion?

Ooh, this is a toughie. The first time I ever attempted on art was about... 13 years ago, back when traditional water paint drawing was all that I knew about drawing. I wasn't very good at it, but I managed to draw some sceneries before running out of interest and stop drawing. It wasn't until after 6 years I discovered this place from my english teacher, that I finally got to know more about modern style drawing and art. I sporadically visited this website and hoped I could draw comics like the professional peeps and friends here.
As for the inspiration, I would say that it was probably the Sonic-fandom. The earliest "fan-art" I created was a Sonic-fan-character. From that point on, I learnt that you can't just copy other's works and then call it "my art". That was one of the most important stuff I learnt from deviantart. Anyway, Special thanks to :iconshadowfan996: , :iconflameofthedark: , and all the peeps I met during :iconoctournamentofrings: .
As for the writing inspiration, I would like to thank :iconmacabreaustererelume:,:iconcrazyshiro:, and :iconenfieldkit: : you guys gave me courage and the joy of writing out stories. (I learned by reading your writings :3)

4. What form of art block do you usually get?

Well, the usual. I can't seem to think of anything to write about. I feel like nothing comes to mind. Luckily, that's when I study sooooooooooo PROFIT!

5. What causes your art block? How do you try to break the block?

In the past, it was my depression. Nowadays, I think it's my lack of sleep. No time to be depressed since I have so much to learn. I avoid depression by continually trying to learn new things. Nowadays, I avoid studying by continually trying to learn new languages like german and swedish... *shot

6. What/how do you wish you could draw/paint/write, other than what you draw/paint/write?

I wish I could draw more anthromorphic characters, along with the general ability to draw/write the stuff that pops up in my mind as accurately as possible. 

7. Who are the artists that inspire you, and why?

Well, apart from the peeps I mentioned earlier, theres :iconunknown-person: for his fantastic character collection. I can't forget Climber and Carl. They are what inspired me to plunge into the OCT scene. Other peeps include all the fiction and non-fiction writers that I have been introduced via their writing.

8, 9, 10... I will do them later.

I don't generally tag people that much. But I would like to tag :iconenfieldkit: and :iconmacabreaustererelume: for this particular one xD If you guys don't want to do it, that's fine!

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